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5 Bucket Worthy Cannabis Travel Experiences!

5 Bucket Worthy Cannabis Travel Experiences

Are you searching for the best cannabis travel experiences?

From ganja getaways in Jamaica to living large in Vegas, I’ve rounded up the top green vacations that should be on every cannabis lover’s bucket list.

Keep reading for my five favorite picks.

1.) Jamaica Jam

What would a cannabis travel list be without including Bob Marley’s homeland?

Jamaica is home to not only some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is also the Caribbean epicenter of cannabis culture and the birthplace of reggae.

If you consider yourself a true cannalover, then you must book a trip to this once in a lifetime destination. Well, that’s if you love stunning water, fresh coconuts, and lots of herb that is.

2.) California Dreaming

The land of recreational cannabis, you knew The Golden State had to make our list!

California offers some of the most incredible cannabis experiences in the world.

Tour a state of the art dispensary, visit a sun grown farm, and enjoy some of the best tasting and most powerful cannabis strains in the world.

Considering how large this state is, there are endless adventures to explore! Hang out in the desert or head to the mountains.

California has something for everyone.

3.) Viva Las Vegas

There’s a reason Las Vegas attracts nearly 40 million visitors each year.

Now that recreational marijuana is in place, things are really starting to heat up Sin City.

With endless options for evening entertainment along with cannabis inspired tours, as the old saying goes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

If you’re looking for the ultimate party destination, this place will not disappoint.

4.) When in Amsterdam

Visiting a Coffee Shop in Amsterdam should be on every cannabis lover’s bucket list.

Browse through a store’s menu to find a delightful selection of strains, drinks, and snacks. Keep in mind what you’ll find at each location will vary.

Given that there are few cannabis experiences more quintessential than enjoying a fat join in a coffee shop in Amsterdam…

It may be high time to start monitoring flights and planning your trip.

5.) Colorado Escape

If snow covered mountains and delicious herbs are calling your name, then a Colorado cannabis vacation might be just what you need.

Here you’ll find captivating mountain views, numerous dispensaries, and grow houses galore.

If you want to experience a place where cannabis culture is thriving, then Colorado is a must visit. Because the state has had recreational marijuana in place since 2014, cannabis tourism here is also flourishing.

From 420 tours to cooking classes, Colorado offers a wide variety of cannabis travel experiences.

These are just a few of my favorite buck list worthy destinations.

Now, I want to hear from you!

What does your dream cannabis vacation look like?

Let us know in the comments below!

At Front Row Travels®, I aim to help you cultivate one of a kind travel experiences.

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