Front Row Travels®, LLC is your 5-star rated, full-service cultivated travel agency located in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Weed love for you to join us!

Changing the Face of Cannabis Together

High There! And welcome a community created just for you...Front Row Travels®.


If you've made it this far on the site, chances are you are just a little curious about cannabis tourism. It's okay. Lots of us are and you've come to the right place.


*insert virtual high five*  Welcome!

My name is Ayanna and I am a 
cannabis patient and owner of Front Row Travels®. I know it seems a little weird to introduce myself as a cannabis patient but how am I going to change the face of cannabis while hiding? It's simple. I won't and neither will you.


Shiftless. Trifling. Lazy. Slacker.

I've all heard the negative stereotypes surrounding cannabis use. According to the "rules" cannabis users are not supposed to look like me.

Melanated. Carefree. Healing.Thriving.


But here I am. and now so are you (that's not a coinkydink).

Help me to grow a space where we can finally be seen, heard, and felt. A place where we can start to end the stigma and change the face of the cannabis industry. 

Together we will cultivate a remarkable experience. An experience where you are not only seen. heard. and felt, but an experience where together we redefine the status quo.

Smiling young African-American woman hol




What people are saying

"Thanks for the perfect deal on the room. The location of the room was excellent!"

L. Jones

"Ayanna exceeded my expectation with my family cruise. I had never used an travel agent, someone had suggested her and I'm glad they did. She answered every question that I had, no matter what time of day I called, text, or emailed her. If she didn't have an answer right then and there she always got back to me right away once she had it. She's really a rock star in what she does! Will be using her for all my future travel plans! "
-J. Lewis

"Awesome room! Great email communication. I would travel with Front Row Travels again and refer friends and family."

-Kenya J. 

I had such a good time!!! As usual, and looking forward to the next event.-Letia

Had a great time, even while I was at work lol. My schedule changed last minute & I didn't care...I wasn't missing it!. J. Lewis


Front Row Travels® would like to sponsor your next cannabis event by providing giveaways for your guests. Let's chat about it! 

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Baltimore, Maryland 21206


Monday-Friday 9am-12pm ET