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The Great Spirit Debate

Spirit Airlines is like cilantro and coconut either you love it or you hate! It seems there is no in between.

Our flight to and from we’re on time that’s the best thing to say about them. The employees at the counter in Chicago were not very friendly to say the least..." -Trip Advisor

"Great flight and affordable. Service on par with all major airlines for a much better cost..pleasant and helpful staff."-Trip Advisor

So like I said...Spirit is something either you LOVE OR HATE it. I decided the only way to know is to find out for myself. So I did it I booked my first flight on Spirit Airlines in September 2018 and have loved it so far.

Wait wait before you think I am crazy, you read that correctly I love Spirit Airlines..for now. LOL

Running a business and working full time doesn't allow me to travel as much as I'd like but I make due.

Long weekends allow me to visit cannabis friendly locations, meet with vendors and/or attend shows and conferences.

So I needed to be in Las Vegas only a few days last September and I thought what the heck let me try Spirit.

Of course I had to read up on Spirit before taking the leap. And if you stalk the "innanets" like I do then you have read all the tips and pointers:

  1. Purchase as much as you can ahead of time. Seats and bags cost extra when you book at the airport than online.

  2. Pack light. Spirit airlines guidelines for checked bags are smaller (weight and dimension wise) than most airlines.

  3. Leave room for error. Spirit Airlines has been known for delays and cancellations

  4. The most coveted tip for Spirit Airlines.....Save some coins and purchase at the airport counter.

So off to the airport I went. Armed with dates and my credit card I arrived at BWI ready to book.

Given the reviews online I braced myself for sub par customer service and swore to just smile and remain polite.

Upon arrival I will admit I was a little peeved, there were easily six reps at the counter and not one rep bothered to even acknowledge me. After about 6 mins being the only one in line and still not even so much as a hello I began to get annoyed, but remained pleasant.

"May I help?" she asked.

Finally it was my turn! I stepped up to the counter.

"Sorry for the wait, I had an issue with a checked bag."

Apparently I caught them during shift and the gentlemen who had just left the counter tried to check a kayak as a checked bag. *go figure*

"I'd like two tickets to Las Vegas....."

I was not only able to score to round trip tickets to Las Vegas for $200 less than the competition but the agent was nice enough to let me choose my seats for free. WOOHOO.

Viva Las Vegas!

And off we went to Las Vegas. With snacks, pillow and bag in hand. Not only did our flight leave on time but we arrived in Las Vegas early.

The aircraft was clean and though the seats don't recline I will say they were very fat friendly.

I didn't have to suck in my stomach to get it to fasten like on other air lines.

Take off and landing were smooth as silk and while it seems like you have to pay for everything but air on Spirit. A little preparation is all you need.

I packed my own food. The only thing I purchased was bottled water at the airport once I passed through TSA.

I made sure I downloaded and charged my Kindle so that I had enough movies and books to keep me entertained.

Since going to Vegas I've booked 3 more trips on Spirit. One to New Orleans, one to Fort Lauderdale and one to Denver.

My New Orleans trip by far has been my best score. I was able to score a notorious "penny fare."

Penny fares are airfare tickets that literally cost $0.01 round trip, all you have to pay are taxes and fees.

So for two round trip flights from Baltimore to New Orleans I paid $126 for both tickets.

Cheap flight, Good Food and a Great Bloody Mary the Crescent City is one of my fave locations.

Stay tuned as I head to Denver to meet with cannabis vendors and sight see. I will be trying late night flights for the first time and let you know how it goes.

Til then Spirit airlines gets TWO THUMBS from me.

As always

Stay LIT



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