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Same stuff different day...

Last month I shared this post on my social media platforms..

Listen...this is the side of business they don't show you...

The side where your bathrobe has been your attire since Saturday morning(I did bathe and brush my teeth 🤓).

The side where you are delirious and you decide that playing with the robe belt is better than writing this email sequence.

The side where you've been at the computer since 4:37a.m. and it's now 12:28pm and you still ain't done.

So yeah along with those 6lbs you gain...add this to the list of shit they don't show you on IG.

But nah I'mma show y'all everything my wins and my struggles!

And I'm happy to report...

Things are still the same :-D

I still spend hours and hours at the computer writing email sequences, researching quotes, and creating content.

I still miss events and parties (my friends support me and understand).

I still walk around my house looking like a vagabond, but I love it.

I know I'm on the right track and on the cusp of something big. I promised myself that if I can pour 40 hours into my day job I can pour 40 hours or more into my dream job.

I have surrounded myself with nothing but go getters, cheerleaders and true friends and I am abundantly blessed because of it.

I struggle with consistency,focus and time management but with these folks on my team holding me accountable I manage to get it done.

Get you a team like this...

Stay Lit



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