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Living Your Best Life!

Waianapanapa State Park-Maui

I'm here today to let you know two things.

#1 Yep that's me on the right.


#2 We are knee deep into 2019 by now. I know... it seems like we have so much time left but the truth is we don't.

This isn't a blog about your mortality and how YOLO.

This is simply about procrastinating.

I know..we all make plans to try new things and see new things at the start of a new year. But here we are knee deep in 2019 and we haven't done a fraction of the things we said we would.

One of my goals for 2019 is to swim in the ocean...I know you say..big whoop! People do that all the time.

And they do..but for me, the big deal is I just learned to swim in 2016. I haven't had much practice and I am still afraid of the ocean.

Let's be honest the ocean ain't no joke I can float and play in the pool all day long because I know that there are no strong currents and eventually I will float into a wall.

But the ocean intimidates the sh*t outta me, so you are likely to find me laying in the sand trying to get this melanin popping.

But this time I wanted to accomplish something..I wanted today to be I did it. I swam in the ocean.


I had on a life vest, had my trusty "noodle" and held on to the rope for dear life lmao...but I did it.

Cozumel MX

Earlier this year I decided to conquer another fear and speak in front of a crowd. I hate public speaking.

I hated it in school and I hate it now. But I know it's a necessary evil especially in the cannabis business.

So I couldn't just conquer my fear any regular schmeuglar way, I had to add some flavor.

SO I DID IT! I ENTERED "SHARK TANK" LIKE COMPETITION at the 4th annual National Cannabis Festival at RFK Stadium on 4/20/19.

The Canna-Tank allows cannabis start ups and opportunity to pitch their business idea(s) to a panel of judges.


$1000.00 in start-up assistance

One-on-One business consultation with Denver Relief Consulting

One-on-One brand consultation with National Cannabis Festival's PR agency, High Street PR

VIP Pass for the NCF on 4/20

And more!

As of today I don't even know if I'll be a finalist. But I am beyond proud of myself for even applying. The thought of being a finalist makes me nervous, but it's for what I love doing. I signed up to help to break the stigma surrounding cannabis use through travel and education and that's what imma do.

It wasn't easy deciding to enter the cannabis business, especially with cannabis still being federally prohibited. Though society as a whole is beginning to accept cannabis use more and more, employers don't quite feel the same way. Besides running the risk of being fired, cannabis business owners also face things like being shut down by social media or algorithms blocking your page/post from viewers.

For now there are just certain obstacles we face that traditional businesses do not.

But I signed up for this, even if it meant "getting comfortable with being uncomfortable".

So here *raises infused cocktail* is to stop stopping! Doing what scares you, and Living your best life!

Later Gator Ayanna

P.S. Have you conquered a fear?

Checked some things off your bucket list?

Share your triumphs with the group.


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