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You may be asking yourself just who or what is Front Row Travels™? I'm here to tell you who Front Row Travels™ is and who Front Row Travels™ is not.

My name is Ayanna and I am owner and cannabis travel specialist here at Front Row Travels™.

My mission is to break the stigma of cannabis use (especially in the black community) through travel and education. I cultivate travel experiences so that cannabis users can learn about and consume cannabis legally, freely and without judgement. It is my hope that these experiences will in turn educate and better equip you to have conversations with friends, family and strangers regarding the benefits of cannabis use. 

Now that you have gotten familiar with who we are...let me tell you who we are NOT.

If you are ANTI cannabis use. Front Row Travels™ is not for you.

If you are judgmental. Front Row Travels™ is not for you.

If you are conservative. Front Row Travels™ is not for you.

We've earned a reputation of excellence by providing the ultimate in value and personal attention to every customer, every time. Each trip is cultivated to ensure you have an experience, not just a vacation!

When you choose Front Row, you choose the best!

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