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Cannabis travel locations by sign...

High There!

Before I get to what you came for I wanted to tell you a little about me and Front Row Travels. My name is Ayanna, owner of Front Row Travels, a full service cannabis travel agency. I cultivate group and private travel experiences for recreational and medicinal marijuana users to cannabis friendly locations around the world.

I'm a medical marijuana patient who has been in the travel industry for three to four years now, I decided to focus solely on cannabis travel in early 2018 as a way to help break the stigma of cannabis use through travel and education. I started Front Row Travels® with black women in mind, we are the most likely to suffer from things like stress, anxiety and depression but are the least likely to seek help, Cannabis use has shown to help reduce these same factors yet there is still a stigma with cannabis use, especially in our community. This needs to change!..

But that's a topic for another you are here to find out just how do you cultivate the perfect #cannavacation by zodiac sign.

As I stated above I'm a cannabis travel agency owner and agent, what you may not know is I love the Golden Girls, am actually a little shy in person (a smidgen). and never claimed to be an astrologist or one who's versed in Zodiac Signs.

All that to say...this is just for fun...just my professional opinion based on my life and travel experiences. Not everyone is going to agree with me or like what I say, my suggestion would be to take it up with management.

Stay Lit

Ayanna Lawson


Aries, Aries,Aries these bold fire signs are the most active and spontaneous of the zodiac signs. They can be found trotting around the world to cannabis friendly locations from Canada to Costa Rica. However Maui is the perfect #cannatravel location for the energetic ram. Hawaii in general is a great location for Aries, but Maui in particular is the perfect combination of physicality and beauty Aries need to reset and relax. Aries idea of relaxing would tire most, they thrive in environments that provide physical challenges like surfing and hiking. Aries live in the moment and may search for the perfect surfing spot in Hana one day and spend the following day under the tree with a blunt in Waianapanapa state park. Everything is a competition with Aries so don't be surprised if you had to arm wrestle or have a foot race in order to choose where your next cannabis vacation. Aries perfect travel partners are Libra and Leo.

It doesn't take much to make this earth sign happy. Family, friends and food are all a Taurus need for the perfect vacation. Tauruses know or have the uncanny ability to find all the best food spots no matter the distance from home. They will unabashedly travel for food, and why not? the world is more than just chicken tenders and fries and they want to sample it all.. This earth sign takes their culinary skills and palette very seriously, that's why a "foodie" themed vacation is the ideal vacation. Seattle is prime location for the Taurus to regroup with world renowned fresh seafood restaurants and home to some of the best weed on the West Coast. A micro dosed cannabis infused farm to table meal, accompanied by cannabis infused Rose' or Two Roots Lager would be the perfect ganja getaway for the stubborn bull. On the off chance a Taurus is wrong about a restaurant good luck getting them to admit it, the most you'll get out of the stubborn bull is "this may not have been the rightest I've been." Eh you gotta love them. Taurus perfect travel partners are Scorpio and Cancer.

These gentle, curious and misunderstood twins often get a bad rep for being "two faced". Simply not true. They're just a little indecisive and want to try everything at least once. Geminis loathe routine and repetition, making weed friendly spots like Las Vegas the perfect place for the dual personalities. Vegas is packed with so many diverse and fun activities that it is almost impossible for the Gemini to get bored. Cannabis lounges,"atv"ing, grow house tours, Cali road trip, gun range and world renowned restaurants are just a minute list of things for Gemini's to do Gemini perfect travel partners are Sagittarius and Aquarius.

P.S. I was bribed by a Gemini to write nice things about Gemini's, ...and well weed cost money.

The best sign to ever be created. Listen let's not argue; let's just move on. The fact that I am a Cancer, a smidgen biased and author of this blog means nothing. I also speak the truth.


Always the intuitive Cancers may know where you want to go before you do. Ironically when it comes to their own travel Cancers are not as intuitive. They're likely to have three or four places on their list that they'd love to visit but can't decide where to go. Cancers are sappy romantics who love being around water which makes Jamaica the perfect spot for the emotional crab. Whether it's Montego Bay, Negril or Kingston, Cancers will find the perfect spot on the beach to spark a blunt and listen to the waves. Cancer perfect travel partners are Capricorns and Taurus.

These warm-hearted pack leaders have a flair for the dramatic and loves to use their minds to solve problems. Being a natural born leader Leos are likely to travel to some of the most uncharted places while on their ganja getaway, They tend to shy away from the trending places in order to visit less talked about places like Uruguay. Not a frequently trending destination, like its neighbor Buenos Aires, Montevideo is the perfect #cannaspot for the Lion/Lioness. The City of Montevideo offers subtle opulence (not quite Dubai opulent but it's there), while boasting some of the best beaches is South America. A visit to the cannabis club and a day at the park or stroll around the plaza sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Now is the time to remind you that August Leos are a tad more crazy than July Leos so be careful which one you plan a vacation with... hey . I just report the news. Leo perfect travel partners are Aquarius and Gemini.

This methodical nun has to almost be threatened in to taking a vacation. All work and no play makes Virgos seem dull ,when all they need is a little nudge and wink from outgoing signs like Pisces. Being smack dab in the middle of nature is Virgo's idea of a "high"ly good time. Not really known for spontaneity Virgos will likely plan every single detail of their trip to Portland. Portland is located in Oregon, home to some of the best weed in the country. A cannabis vacation spent on a weed farm in Portland harvesting marijuana or on an educational cannabis wine tour sounds like heaven to this workaholic. Virgo perfect travel partners are Pisces and Cancer.