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A cautionary tale about R.S.O.

Okay picture it..

Baltimore 2017...If you haven't figured it out yet I am a huge Golden Girls fan and beginning a story without saying "Picture it..." is just plain wrong.

Although I identify most with Dorothy, I always channel my inner Sophia when telling a story.

Anyway before I share with you my cautionary tale I have a few disclaimers...

1. Never have I proclaimed to be a cannabis specialist. I AM A CANNABIS TRAVEL SPECIALIST. Indica, Sativa, dabbing, hotboxing etc. I am familiar with the terms and knowledgeable about plenty but an expert I.AM.NOT, not just yet.

2. Consume at your own risk. I am not endorsing or cosigning NAN I am simply sharing an experience. That's It!

Now that that 's all out of the way. Lemme tell you about the time many moons ago when I tried R.S.O.

First let me explain what R.S.O. is...

Originally my intentions were to keep using this hybrid tincture by Liberty that I had grown fond of; it gave me a nice calm while helping me stay focused and productive. However the tincture was not available that day and I needed to try something!anything! to get me over this hump.

There are some things on this earth that I can die happy having never tried them...

  1. Dabbing (yup I'm a chicken)

  2. Smoking with Willie Nelson (I've read the stories...someone had to live to tell the story and it might as well be me.)

Knowing what I know now. I should have added R.S.O to the list (hindsight is always 20/20).

Let me say R.S.O. has many medicinal benefits and can be a wonderful thing... When you follow directions and listen to the budtender.

I did none of the above ( so technically this shouldn't be called a cautionary tale about R.S.O. this is a cautionary tale about being hard headed).

I was told very explicitly to take a very very small amount (half grain of rice) and graaaaaaadually increase your dosage. ESPECIALLY IF YOU DO NOT CONSUME CANNABIS OFTEN


So I take my first dose of R.S.O as directed...I know from previous experience that it will take about 45 to 60 mins to kick in.

So I do some light cleaning at home, then leave to go to a friends house. While there I have a few shots, they smoke a little, I don't partake, but I am in the vicinity catching a little contact.

About 3 hours later I am feeling GREAT, I see my face stuck in a permanent cheesy grin but I can't feel my face so whatevs (red flag #1). My friends are all like " Are you ok?" and I say "I'm Gucci" (red flag #2....I never talk like that lmao).

So it's finally time to head home...I live 8 mins away..somehow I managed to get "lost" twice. I missed my turn twice from me SANGIN. But I made it home, undressed and went to sleep...until about 4 a.m.

I woke up from THE best sleep ever, washed my face and brushed my teeth and thought...

Well that wasn't bad...clearly the budtender overestimated R.S.O. it's cool but not what I expected.









More.....almost twice the recommended dosage.





I think I took the second dose around 4:37 a.m. I sat at my desk ready to work, I typed 2 paragraphs then I got insanely sleepy. Like I couldn't hold my head up or get any work done. I finally decided to call it quits and lay down (mind you I just woke up from like 10 hour nap) I went to stand and the room started spinning instantly. I managed to walk/slide my way to my bedroom and make it to the bed.

I thought then would be a good time to call my husband at work and tell him I can hear myself having a heart attack but don't call 911. (listen I still laugh at everything that happened that day/night because the amount of irrational thoughts I had was ridiculous).

I wanted him to just talk to me so that he can hear I was alive and okay ( I refused to let him hang up so he can come home..I told him he had to call my mom for her to talk to me so that she knew I was alive).

I was in no danger whatsoever (but you could not tell me that wasn't a heart attack I was hearing...not feeling but hearing).

My mom sat with me as I decided seeing me alive simply wasn't good enough...she needed to hear as well.

So I started breathing out loud.(that's the only way I can describe it through text). I started making this "honking" sound when I breathed so that she could hear me breathe. LOL

Thank God for hubby who had the presence of mind to pick up some CBD on the way home.

In the mean time my poor mother had the pleasure of babysitting me as I would not only breathe/honk but because I was convinced I was slowly becoming paralyzed would flop my arms and legs around to make sure they still worked.

I was also convinced that I would suffer from memory loss and thought it would be helpful if I just started reciting the names of people I knew.

NONE OF THIS HAPPENED but you could not convince me otherwise at the time.

Hubby finally got some CBD in my system to counter act the amount of THC I had consumed. I eventually fell into a sound sleep which is difficult because this Sour Mix strain has the uncanny ability to make you insanely sleepy but acutely aware of everything around you.

Like my mind wanted nothing more than to relax but my ears were perked up and listening to every sound. Like for real if I were a dog my ears would be standing up.

It was the STRANGEST sensation EVER.

Thankfully I was able to sleep the rest off....It took me about 24 hours but I did it!

Now listen R.S.O. is all that and a bag of chips (shout out to the 90s). R.S.O. didn't make me honk or flap my arms and legs like a chicken. My hard headedness (new word alert) did. I should have listened and I did not.

I'm telling you ...yall gotta start listening to the budtenders out here in these cannabis streets....they be knowin' lol

Enjoy yall Friday!

Stay lit



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