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3 reasons why...

Before I share with you 3 reasons why you should have a passport I want to add a disclaimer....

  1. I am not here for travel snobbery.

  2. I am not here for collecting passport stamps just to say you've been somewhere.

  3. I am not here for the memes floating around the "innanets" about not dating a man because he doesn't own a passport. etc. etc.

  4. There are plenty of reasons why someone may not own a passport from legal to socio-economic reasons. It ain't my business..and truth be told I have been traveling all of my life and didn't own a passport until 2016. Yup that's right 2016. Yet I had already been to 7 countries (shout out to cruises )

So with that I want to share with you 3 reasons (other than collecting stamps) why you should own a passport.

  1. Resting easier Knowing that you have a valid passport can provide peace of mind. For instance, if there’s an emergency and a family member or friend needs your help, you know that you already have the documentation you need to board a plane to wherever they are. (Do keep in mind that some countries require visas, which you might need in addition to your passport.)

  2. It’s a legal ID If you lose your driver’s license, your passport serves as a legal photo ID for any situation that might require one. (However, it does not prove your legal driving status, should you get pulled over on a driving violation.)

  3. Child protection If you have children and are engaged in a custody battle or are worried that your ex-partner might try to kidnap them, obtaining passports for your kids offers some protection. Once a passport has been issued, no one can legally obtain another passport for that same child—and he or she can’t be taken out of the country without the passport you legally obtained. And if you’re going to apply for your child’s passport, you might as well apply for your own at the same time. -Brett Sember


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