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            Gain clarity and first hand knowledge of what it takes in the cannabis tourism industry. You thought a quick Google search could give you all of the answers you needed about 420 tours.


In reality, the exact opposite happened, you logged out with more questions than you did answers. You don't have to worry about that when you invest in our Lunch & Learn Virtual Sesh.


"The wealth of information for those of us who do not know anything about cannabis."- Katrice E.


"The session was very informative and had my wheels turning on how I can incorporate this into my businesses. " A. Johnson


"Very informative.. high energy." L.Young


The road map you've been looking for, is here.

Lunch & Learn Virtual Sesh(Replay)

  • This is an Video Zip File format available for immediate download. Compatible with all devices. Access link is available for only 30 days. 

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