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Award winning cannabis travel expert Ayanna Lawson helps travel specialists and budding entrepreneurs blaze their way into the BILLION dollar cannabis tourism industry. As the owner of one of the leading cannabis travel agencies in the country, Ayanna provides an overview of what it takes to own and cultivate a top-selling cannabis tourism brand. 

Blazing Your Way Into The Cannabis Tourism Industry.

  • Before you invest your hard earned money, time and resources into the cannabis tourism industry, you first need to figure out if this is the industry for you.

    This e-book pulls back the curtain on what it may take to be a successful cannabis brand, provides viable career options, and more.

    Ideal for those who are seeking to make sense of this fast-paced "green rush" and get their foot in the food of a projected $25B industry.

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    This is an e-book in PDF format available for immediate download. Compatible with all devices. Access link is available for only 30 days. 

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